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5 myths that stop white people from facing race

While much has improved since the days of segregation laws and public lynchings, the struggle of racism has by no means gone away. It feels like there’s a racial battle nearly every week in the news; and I watch the stories … Continue reading

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the-ones-about-education As People of Color Formerly Employed by Mizzou, We Demand Change Excellent article offering a clear summary of the realities faced by many faculty of color. Taking my parents to college by Jeanne Capo Crucett. I don’t even remember … Continue reading

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Where to start when you’re afraid to talk about race

Truth be told, I identify with Rachel’s desire to don a different skin. I’ve often longed for a different appearance to disassociate myself from the harsh history of my race and to legitimize my passion for reconciling racial brokenness. Sometimes it feels like being white disqualifies me from a seat at the racial table. Continue reading

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5 painful realities of white privilege

We were sitting outside the frozen yogurt shop when my husband interrupted my yogurt-induced-heaven with a passionate “Did you see that!?!” “What?” I looked around but didn’t see anything unusual. I’d been a little spaced out in a blissful yogurt coma and … Continue reading

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Why we can’t just set race aside

“Let’s set race aside for a moment.” “Taking race out of the conversation…” Every so often I’ll hear white people pull out suggestions like these in conversations about race. I’ve probably even said such things myself at some point, for it wasn’t until … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be white? Resources on white identity development

Many white people I know haven’t ever given much thought to how their race has influenced them. When other Americans of color talk about their own cultural backgrounds, white people might sheepishly wonder, “What culture?” about their own backgrounds. As … Continue reading

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30 Day Race Challenge

When I saw the 30 Day Mom Challenge, I was inspired to create a similar challenge for people who want to develop a deeper understanding of race.  So, I developed the resource below with links to some thought-provoking resources available … Continue reading

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