A prayer for the brokenhearted

There is much weeping and anguish over the current state of America right now. Contrary to some perspectives, it’s not about the loss of political power. That happens. That’s normal and to be expected. Let the Republicans take a turn for awhile. Many will disagree, grumble, and wait for “change in Washington”, but we’ll all survive the ups-and-downs of the political fray, and eventually return to our regularly-scheduled-programming.

But this weeping? It is born from fear for personal safety, sanity, and mere existence. These tears aren’t about who votes for or against abortion, the Supreme Court, or Obamacare. They are about the sorrow for the setback of the American Dream—the hope that we are equal under the law, indivisible, with liberty justice for all. The harsh reality for those of us who weep is that the nation’s leader is a man who spoke aggressively against these very ideals, who blatantly denies the impact of his negative behavior, and whose behavior descends far lower than what we would ever allow of our children.

Consider this sampling of events that has already occurred, mere days after the election:

Some are saying that this is normal, that it’s not connected to the election. To that, I respond, “Why the hell is it ok for this to be normal?”

The pain is running deep these days, folks. As one deeply committed to healing racial wounds in our country, I feel the weight of it especially heavy on my shoulders. My husband and I hear from friends and colleagues across the country who feel the same thing. When I hear relief expressed over the election results, I find myself wanting to respond, “Frankly, I’m deeply saddened by them because my volunteer work is in racial reconciliation. This has been a ruuuuuuuffffff week for so many, and there’s a lot of pain out there in the wake of what this has revealed about America.”

For those of us who are mourning with those who mourn, who feel it our call as a follower of Christ to love mercy, act justly, and live humbly, I offer a prayer today.




4 thoughts on “A prayer for the brokenhearted”

  1. This piece is right on target. I agree with it wholeheartedly. The problem we’ve had for far too long is that we, as a nation, fall asleep at the wheel, not viewing the state of affairs realistically. This ugliness we’re now seeing is always there. It never goes away. It simply retreats into the dark corners when the strength of public opinion is against it. This current atmosphere has signaled an “okay” to not only have these warped opinions, but to feel free to express them publicly. The cause of the disease has to be treated, or the disease will persist. Although I’m hopeful, I’m a firm believer that all of thee sick “isms” have been here before me and they’ll be here after me. Satan has to be thrown into the pit permanently before the sickness is done away with.


  2. Thank you so much; you put into well-written words what my heart and head speak. I’m a “white woman”, but due to my upbringing find myself identifying much more right now with the mourning ones, not the 80% who want to be more comfortable and are convinced they are right. Please keep speaking what white Christians need to hear.


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