“Engaging questions of race, privilege, and culture can be uncomfortable. Jody Fernando’s Pondering Privilege is a remarkably helpful guide, helping Christ-followers to engage with humility and grace.”

Matthew Soerens, U.S. Director of Church Mobilization, World Relief, Co-author, Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion and Truth in the Immigration Debate


“Jody Fernando has written a thoughtful, humble, helpful, and powerful book about privilege in American society. As an African American, I have often found it difficult to discuss issues of race and power with members of the dominant cultureparticularly in Christian settings. I’ve been dismissed, frequently considered to be simply an angry man whose concerns are not valid in this day and age. I have appreciated White allies who could speak when my voice, and that of many other African Americans, was not being heard.

Ms. Fernando’s voice is not one of a self-righteous, strident cynic. Hers is the voice of a compassionate fellow traveler on a journey of discovering how to demonstrate the love of Jesus in a racialized, patriarchal, and stratified society. I am hopeful that her writing can have a huge impact on all with open hearts and minds. I enthusiastically recommend Pondering Privilege.”

Dr. Dennis R. Edwards, Senior Pastor, Sanctuary Covenant Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota



Pondering Privilege is an invitation from a White Christian to White Christians to dip their toes and then jump in to a world that isn’t afraid to make mistakes and learn about racial differences and privilege.

This is an accessible book that addresses the fear of making mistakes as well as the desire to separate or distance oneself from our country’s (and church’s) racist histories. Jody Wiley Fernando takes personal experiences and lessons learned as an educator and practitioner and has written a guide any individual or group truly interested in understanding White privilege would benefit from.”

Kathy Khang, Co-author, More Than Serving Tea, and blogger at http://www.kathykhang.com



“I’ve known Jody Wiley Fernando primarily through her words first through her blog, then assorted Facebook exchanges, and now through this important book. Her words have been vulnerable, provocative, and challengingbut always wrapped in humility, grace, and a desire to both teach and learn.

Pondering Privilege will not be a comfortable read for anyone, but it provides a foundation for the kinds of honest conversations about race, culture, and faith that we must have (over and over) before we can ever move forward as a society and as the church.”

Edward Gilbreath, Author of Reconciliation Blues:  A Black Evangelical’s Inside View of White Christianity