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What to buy in an Indian Grocery for dummies

If you’re new to South Asian cooking, it’s essential to buy some things in an Indian grocery.  Please, please, please, DON’T EVER buy “spices” in the spice aisle of the local grocery store.  THEY JUST DON”T CUT IT. Exploring a … Continue reading

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Paripu: Sri Lankan Lentils

Known as dhal in Indian cooking, here is my recipe for Paripu, or Sri Lankan lentils. 2 cups red lentils (try not to use other colors, they just don’t taste the same.  you can buy the red ones at Indian … Continue reading

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Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Recipe

I’ve typed this up many times for friends, and thought it would save me plenty more typing to just record it here, with gratefulness to my dear MIL for putting up with my kitchen messiness and teaching me how to … Continue reading

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Learning to cook Sri Lankan food *or* Curry: the way to my man’s heart

“But she can’t cook our food!!!” my South Asian friend mourned about his soon-to-be sister-in-law, “and worse yet – she doesn’t even want to learn! How will my brother survive?” This conversation was my first clue about the kind of … Continue reading

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