Versatile Blogger Award

versatile-bloggerI was grateful to receive a Versatile Blogger Award nomination from Searching for Substance and humbled to read her description of my blog:

Between Worlds – a blog that cuts to the core of the things that matter, she writes often about topics that are too hard to talk about. like racism. or separation in the church. or marriage. or work. or immigration and resettlement. Difficult stuff, but expressed so eloquently and thoughtfully.

Thanks, Soapie. These words are the best part of the honor.

Part of the nomination is the write seven random things about me.  While I love reading such lists, I find them terribly difficult to write.  Here goes:

  1. I once sang the Theme from Titanic (or the ‘Jack and Rose’ song as they called it) to a group of rural Thai school children.  The sad part is that I don’t sing very well and didn’t even know the words to the song, but it was the one thing they wanted to know about the US.
  2. The hardest-superficial-part of traveling for me is the lack of uber-comfortable furniture and cold drinks.  Go ahead an slap an American flag on my forehead :).
  3. I actually prefer squat toilets to sit-down ones.  Waaay more sanitary!
  4. My guilty pleasure is watching cute animal videos on YouTube with my kids.  I have a hard time laughing sometimes and I love the reason to giggle. My absolute favorite are the BBC’s Walk on the Wild Side clips.
  5. I’m an ocean girl.  Mountains are pretty and all, but I could sit beside the sea forever.
  6. I hate to clean.  In fact, if you came to my house, you might actually find me comfortably writing away on the couch while my husband scrubs the floor.
  7. Clearly, I married really well.

And now for my nominations:

Shalom is for the City.  Osheta writes with boldness and grace, honesty and gentleness about everything from   race to faith to church-planting to peace-making to mothering.  She will stun you with her wisdom and relax you with her humor.

The Beautiful Due.  John Blase’s poignant and beautiful poetry about the spiritual realities in every day life.

A life with Subtitles.  Sarah writes navigating the challenging and fun realities of bicultural and bilingual families.

Communicating Across Boundaries.  Marilyn’s writes about everything from third culture kids to growing up in Pakistan to Orthodoxy.  Her writing is both beautiful and practical, and she hosts a wide variety of guest authors speaking to cross-cultural topics.

Grace Biskie.  Grace is a biracial woman who writes with hopeful honesty about race, recovery from abuse, mental illness, and justice.


8 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Congratulations Jody – I have been following your writing for quite a while, and this award is totally well-deserved! Please keep up your blogging – I find your posts both personally challenging and a pleasure to read.


  2. So honored Jody! I loved the one about squatting toilets as well as the one about the theme sing from the Titanic!
    Looking forward to following your writing this next year!


  3. You prefer squatting toilets? Hhahhahahah that is the funniest thing I’ve read this morning. But there’s even diff types of squatting toilets… There are those with actual porcelain to stand upon and a flush, then there is the whole in the ground with a bucket of water beside to flush…

    I don’t know about those being more sanitary but if you’ve ever been to Japan have you seen their washlets? I’d say their bathrooms are the most sanitary I’ve seen.

    Btw I hate to clean too! I enjoyed reading his list and also look forward to checking out your nominations.


    1. I’ve used both types of toilets and just used a heated seat toilet on a layover in Tokyo (impressive!). When in the developing world, I prefer squat toilets because they feel quite a lot more sanitary than seated toilets (especially in public situations). At least then I don’t have to touch anything!!!


        1. Ha!!!! NOT like that – I mean toilets that are available for public use (and sometimes VERY dirty), not ones that are in the wide open!! Squat toilets ensure you don’t have to touch anything 🙂


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