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Just sharing a quiet meditation from my day, inspired by the recent election and Helen Jane Long‘s song, “Willow”. Advertisements

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A prayer for the brokenhearted

There is much weeping and anguish over the current state of America right now. Contrary to some perspectives, it’s not about the loss of political power. That happens. That’s normal and to be expected. Let the Republicans take a turn … Continue reading

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Pondering Privilege on sale now!

The ebook of Pondering Privilege: Toward a Deeper Understanding of Whiteness, Race, and Faith is on a Kindle Countdown sale now through October 31! Don’t miss your discounted version!  

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Pondering Privilege (ebook) on sale this weekend only

In light of the state of the nation, I’m running a Kindle Countdown Deal on the ebook version of Pondering Privilege this weekend. If you’ve been hoping to preview a copy, make sure to take advantage of this sale! The ebook lists for $7 … Continue reading

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Coming to terms with my whiteness

My Whiteness is something I did not ask for, cannot change, and don’t completely understand. While I haven’t always been aware of the full implications of this trait in a racialized society, living between worlds has pushed me to grapple … Continue reading

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Perfectly uncertain

Time is indeed a steady healer, cautiously pointing out that my greatest spiritual defect may well be perfectionism. Having grown up a Christian, I absorbed unspoken messages that spiritual strength meant unwavering certainty and unshakable faith. This foundation became a significant problem when my certainty wavered … Continue reading

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The wisdom of elephants

I’m currently enamored with this print that my husband gave me for our 15th wedding anniversary. It will soon grace my new office wall; and I find myself reflecting on the symbolism of the elephants in my new artwork. I love elephants, … Continue reading

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