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The spiraling nature of nose rings, motherhood, and professional growth

Seattle, 2007 Having just closed on a home in a tiny midwestern town, I boarded a plane for a professional conference in Seattle. A bustling city, intellectual conversations, and an unfettered schedule awaited me there, offering a much needed break … Continue reading

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Just sharing a quiet meditation from my day, inspired by the recent election and Helen Jane Long‘s song, “Willow”.

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Onward through the fog: Practicing faith when you can’t see where you’re going

And now I have a word for you who brashly announce, “Today – at the latest, tomorrow – we’re off to such and such a city for the year. We’re going to start a business and make a lot of … Continue reading

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When mountains loom large but faith trickles slow

Our Sunday began with a hike to a waterfall at the top of a local mountain. When we arrived at the base of the trail, we quickly realized we would be hiking straight uphill in a local wind tunnel with 50-60 mph winds. Like any sensible non-hiker, I immediately suggested we head back down, but all the other crazies (a.k.a. my family and best friends) thought it sounded like a memory-making experience, so away we went.
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When what you thought would happen doesn’t, part 2

The last time I delved into this topic, it was mostly about when life doesn’t go according to plan in the disappointing-kinds-of-ways. When I wrote that post, it was at the beginning of a year that I desperately didn’t want … Continue reading

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The puzzle of many homes

It is in this journey from a cornfield-mind to a global one that I taste the reality of those who have known many homes but belong to none. Tears brim as I mourn the loss of what once was, but beneath my sorrow simmers more. I am learning a resilience, a strength, a beauty, a humility that I have never before known. I am learning to walk in the unknown, to have courage in the dark, to surrender my privilege, to walk in faith. Continue reading

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Aching thoughts on Ferguson

It is the end of a long week with teenagers. #thankyouJesus They are precious, those half-baked and hope-filled ones, but they are entirely exhausting. In quiet moments, my heart hangs heavy from hints of broken lives and battered souls. They try to hide … Continue reading

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