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the-ones-about-education As People of Color Formerly Employed by Mizzou, We Demand Change Excellent article offering a clear summary of the realities faced by many faculty of color. Taking my parents to college by Jeanne Capo Crucett. I don’t even remember … Continue reading

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The problem with over-spiritualizing racism

In the children’s classic Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, an African-American mother attempts to explain the harshness of 1930s Southern racism to her young daughter, Cassie. After offering a brief history of slavery, she describes the historical relationship between white Christian slaveowners and African-American … Continue reading

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Where to start when you’re afraid to talk about race

Truth be told, I identify with Rachel’s desire to don a different skin. I’ve often longed for a different appearance to disassociate myself from the harsh history of my race and to legitimize my passion for reconciling racial brokenness. Sometimes it feels like being white disqualifies me from a seat at the racial table. Continue reading

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Aching thoughts on Ferguson

It is the end of a long week with teenagers. #thankyouJesus They are precious, those half-baked and hope-filled ones, but they are entirely exhausting. In quiet moments, my heart hangs heavy from hints of broken lives and battered souls. They try to hide … Continue reading

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5 painful realities of white privilege

We were sitting outside the frozen yogurt shop when my husband interrupted my yogurt-induced-heaven with a passionate “Did you see that!?!” “What?” I looked around but didn’t see anything unusual. I’d been a little spaced out in a blissful yogurt coma and … Continue reading

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Some big words (and helpful ideas) for when the race conversation explodes

In spite of decades of diversity awareness and training, race continues to be an explosive topic, and the media headlines attest to a continued struggle of our multicultural country to come to grips with its multiple realities. There are microagressions and macroagressions, … Continue reading

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Why we can’t just set race aside

“Let’s set race aside for a moment.” “Taking race out of the conversation…” Every so often I’ll hear white people pull out suggestions like these in conversations about race. I’ve probably even said such things myself at some point, for it wasn’t until … Continue reading

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