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the-ones-about-education As People of Color Formerly Employed by Mizzou, We Demand Change Excellent article offering a clear summary of the realities faced by many faculty of color. Taking my parents to college by Jeanne Capo Crucett. I don’t even remember … Continue reading

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In honor of the steady faithful

“But I was exposed early to the real stuff – Top Shelf Christianity – Deep and Old Christianity. This kind is practiced by people who work until they stink and take life in great draughts. Their hands are as rough as … Continue reading

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The world needs more places like this

If you haven’t heard of Jill’s House, this is a must-watch. I went to college with the couple featured in this video, and their story and the purpose this organization serves is so heartbreakingly beautiful and redemptive that I had to … Continue reading

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Why we can’t just set race aside

“Let’s set race aside for a moment.” “Taking race out of the conversation…” Every so often I’ll hear white people pull out suggestions like these in conversations about race. I’ve probably even said such things myself at some point, for it wasn’t until … Continue reading

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101 culturally diverse Christian voices

“I’m just tired of only hearing white, mainstream evangelical voices,” a good friend lamented to me recently. “Why aren’t voices from other backgrounds listened to in the same way as the white voices?” I heard the weariness of consistent exclusion … Continue reading

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Dealing with anger in race relations

As I’ve participated both publicly and privately in the race dialogue over the years, one of the most difficult aspects I’ve navigated is the role of anger in race relations.  It’s not hard to see – the comments section of … Continue reading

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When even Jesus is white

“Mama,” she ran toward me through the sand, “something really funny just happened.” We were relaxing at the local murky-pond-called-a-lake on a quiet summer day.  “Really?” I grinned at her, eager for the humor of a five-year-old. “What was so … Continue reading

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