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When mountains loom large but faith trickles slow

Our Sunday began with a hike to a waterfall at the top of a local mountain. When we arrived at the base of the trail, we quickly realized we would be hiking straight uphill in a local wind tunnel with 50-60 mph winds. Like any sensible non-hiker, I immediately suggested we head back down, but all the other crazies (a.k.a. my family and best friends) thought it sounded like a memory-making experience, so away we went.
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the-ones-about-education As People of Color Formerly Employed by Mizzou, We Demand Change Excellent article offering a clear summary of the realities faced by many faculty of color. Taking my parents to college by Jeanne Capo Crucett. I don’t even remember … Continue reading

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the-ones-that-made-me-laugh 40 kids who got ridiculous detentions and don’t regret it. (This pretty much sums up my year teaching mostly freshmen…) Girl wears wrong shoes to graduation, falls hard. (This struck me as particularly funny since I just sat through a looong … Continue reading

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Lenses of a Faithful Follower

It is not as a child that I believe and confess Jesus Christ. My hosanna is born of a furnace of doubt. — Fyodor Dostoyevski I do not often feel full of faith. As a matter of fact, I am far more frequently filled … Continue reading

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In honor of the steady faithful

“But I was exposed early to the real stuff – Top Shelf Christianity – Deep and Old Christianity. This kind is practiced by people who work until they stink and take life in great draughts. Their hands are as rough as … Continue reading

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Aching thoughts on Ferguson

It is the end of a long week with teenagers. #thankyouJesus They are precious, those half-baked and hope-filled ones, but they are entirely exhausting. In quiet moments, my heart hangs heavy from hints of broken lives and battered souls. They try to hide … Continue reading

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When what you thought would happen doesn’t

One of the great joys of working with young people is hearing their dreams. “I’m going to be an artist.” “I’ll be a basketball star.” “I want to travel the world.” “I’ll be a famous musician.” Youth can have such hope. … Continue reading

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