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the-ones-that-made-me-laugh 40 kids who got ridiculous detentions and don’t regret it. (This pretty much sums up my year teaching mostly freshmen…) Girl wears wrong shoes to graduation, falls hard. (This struck me as particularly funny since I just sat through a looong … Continue reading

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Recovering from graduate school atrophy

PhD.   Piled high and Deep. Pure hell and Destruction. Penniless, helpless and Determined. Permanent head Damage. Prepared for a happy Death. Whatever those darn little letters mean, they sure take a whole lot out of a body.  Don’t get … Continue reading

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Surviving your spouse’s graduate program

A pit sank in my stomach as we leaned our heads together to pray there in the laundry room before he left to catch his flight.  It was my husband’s first trip to the partially residential PhD program he was … Continue reading

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Finding hope in the shadows

After 13 years of marriage, it is a joy to reflect on the growth that has occurred since the experience I share below. I remain deeply grateful for the beauty that such broken times can become; and this reflects one … Continue reading

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