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We want to say that everything that happens in church is about Jesus, but it’s simply not. We have to acknowledge cultural, historical, and social structures that shape our thinking and contribute to the breakdown of Christian unity. #PonderingPrivilege by Jody Wiley Fernando

When White people don’t recognize how our position of cultural dominance influences and even benefits us—that is, when we don’t know that we’re being White—we can act like bulls in a china shop, throwing our weight around in damaging ways without even realizing what we’re doing. #PonderingPrivilege by Jody Wiley Fernando

Our world is sorely in need of people who follow Christ before they follow political figures and tribe leaders. When we fight against the privilege discussion because it’s too painful to face the reality of the broken history and systems of our world, we end up perpetuating the exact same legacy. #PonderingPrivilege by Jody Wiley Fernando



Privilege is hard to see if you have it, but easy to see if you don’t. #PonderingPrivilege @jodylouise

Privilege isn’t about individuals, it’s about systems. #PonderingPrivilege @jodylouise

What myths do white people believe about race? #PonderingPrivilege @jodylouise

Why won’t white people talk about race?#PonderingPrivilege @jodylouise

Afraid of saying the wrong thing about race? Here are some tips to help. #PonderingPrivilege @jodylouise

For our roots to grow deep, we must attend to all realities of life, not just the easiest ones. #PonderingPrivilege

Check out the 30 Day Race Challenge. #PonderingPrivilege @jodylouise