Families, Children & Marriage

Dancing between career and family

Join me at The Junia Project today where I reflect on the dance of submitting to one another in marriage.  I recently left a career I loved for my husband to advance in his, but the reasons behind our choice are different than they may appear.  Here’s a little glimpse…

One of the guiding principles my husband and I have operated on throughout our marriage is that we make our decisions for the good of the whole.  Given my type-A personality, I used to function as though our marriage was “The Me Show”.  As my husband and I matured in our relationship, however, I began to see that it wasn’t true equality if I ran the show – it was just reverse patriarchy.  The equality in our relationship was beneficial only so much as it sacrificially considered the other, and understanding this equality was what taught me how to submit not as a subordinate, but as an equal.  This dance of giving way to one another was about to take a new turn, and we both knew we’d need to learn some new steps.

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