Restoration & Reconciliation

The world needs more places like this

If you haven’t heard of Jill’s House, this is a must-watch. I went to college with the couple featured in this video, and their story and the purpose this organization serves is so heartbreakingly beautiful and redemptive that I had to share.

Enjoy, learn, grab some tissues, and consider how to involve yourself in such meaningful work.


1 thought on “The world needs more places like this”

  1. ahh… that video left a lump in my throat and my eyes water. so powerful.

    your friends are full of such love, patience, resilience. i’m glad that a place like jill’s house exists to give them some respite during the week. when i was in nursing school, i used to babysit for a family who had a baby which required nursing skills. i enjoyed my time with the children while giving the parents a break to go out for an evening too. i hope that your friends are filled with God’s peace and strength as they continue to care, love, and nurture their precious children.


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