A look back at 2014

It’s been a busy year! Here’s a look at the most popular links, clicks, and posts on Between Worlds this year – enjoy!

Most Popular Posts on Between Worlds:

  1. 101 Culturally Diverse Christian Voices
  2. When White People Don’t Know They’re Being White
  3. Dear ‘Merica: A Lament
  4. 5 Painful Realities of White Privilege
  5. 4 Reasons White People Need to Talk about Race
  6. 4.5 Tips to Help White People Talk about Race
  7. 4 Reasons White People Don’t Talk about Race
  8. 10 Reasons I’m Reading Harry Potter to my Children
  9. 9 Ways to Help Children Develop Global Awareness
  10. Dear Lego: Yellow is not a ‘Neutral’ Skin Color

Most Popular Clicks on Between Worlds:

  1. 101 Christian Women Speakers (Rachel Held Evans)
  2. Urban Church Plantations (Christena Cleveland)
  3. Your Jesus (The Beautiful Due)
  4. Hidden Assumptions and Minority Burdens (The Washington Institute)
  5. Explaining White Privilege to a Broke Person (The Feminist Breeder)

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