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On nearing the end of this road

I’m big on seeking closure in transitions, and have been pondering for a few months how to start this process for our upcoming move to the other end of the country.  We’ve lived in our current town for 8 years, so we have much to say good-bye to…  Living between worlds requires good-byes, a fact with which we are well acquainted. So, as the mood strikes, I plan to do my own little series of ‘closure poetry’, and will post some of it here, to share with the rest of you who also know good-byes well.

On nearing the end of this road
Been waiting for this moment
for what seems like an eternity.
And now that it’s pressing close,
I wanna bottle up the moments
        of happy dandelions and fresh fields
        of bright-starred skies and lonely trees
        of quiet streets and nosy neighbors
and take them along
as a reminder of the beauty
in the days here.
These things do not await us
where we go. 
All will be new there –
crowds and cars,
action and noise.
how a difficult journey
into a sweet memory
one slow step at a time.

2 thoughts on “On nearing the end of this road”

  1. It’s a strange transition isn’t it? Moving to a new place and leaving behind one that is so familiar. I like the image of bottling up memories. I really felt like I brought a lot from the old place within me to the new. It became part of me, the places and relationships and experiences. So it is a little like bottling. A way of keeping hold of the good even as you move on.
    Praying you keep seeing those sweet memories emerging even in the difficult steps.


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