Miscellany, Restoration & Reconciliation


Transitions make me quite reflective, which is why I think I’m processing leaving our current home in poetry…  While I will certainly leave this place with some fond memories, there are also hard memories that will accompany us as well.  (It doesn’t help that we received a racist and threatening prank call at 2 am the other morning either).  *sigh*   here is an honest thought in that vain…

How do you leave a place,
feeling as though you
made every effort to live
but aren’t sure if you ever
really got there?
Except for the time
you gasped
at the tree in the fog in the field
or hiked
with your daughter through the woods
or cried out
for healing on the lonely streets of an empty town.
is simply
another step forward
along the path
of living.

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