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On venn diagrams and biracial identity

My six-year-old son made a brilliant analogy this week…  We were discussing biracial familes – his aunt and uncle are Sri Lankan and African-American, and his cousin is African American – and he had asked if they would adopt a white baby.

When we answered that they’d probably adopt a biracial or black baby, he breathed a huge sigh of relief, “That’s good,” he commented enthusiastically.  “It would be a little strange for there to be three brown people and one white person in a family.”

“Hey!” I protested, “What about me?!?”  (I’m the one white person in a family of three brownish people).

“Well,” he thought for a second, “We’re [his sister and himself] aren’t really brown…  We’re light brown, in-between, a mixture.”

It was quiet for a minute.  I could nearly hear the processing in his little brain, and out it came, “I’m like a Venn Diagram!”

This is a Venn Diagram, often used in schools to help children compare/contrast what’s the same/different about specific objects

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