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Christian art you won’t find in a Christian bookstore

In a commodity culture we have been conditioned to believe that nothing has intrinsic value. – Skye Jethani, The Divine Commodity

I am not an artist, but I do love beautiful images. I am a Christian, but I do not especially love the bible-verse and/or cross-laden art that adorns many a protestant Christian bookstore. For me, a picture of a flower with a Bible verse at the bottom feels slapped-on and bland, commodifying faith into a $49.95 framed wall covering. To make matters even harder, this art sometimes includes a white Jesus, an American flag, or a lacy heart with bluebirds flying around the edges. It leaves me wondering what happened to the art part of Christian art…

Thankfully, there are a whole host of artists creating meaningful, global, and beautiful Christian art that causes one to pause and consider our faith in new ways. Check out these beautiful and thoughtful works of art!

Mary Consoles Eve by Sister Grace Remington


The Risen Lord by He Qi
The Risen Lord by He Qi
RefuJesus by NakedPastor
Jesus of the People by Janet McKenzie
The Last Supper by Sadao Watanabe
Nazareth by Father John Bautista Giuliani
Sermon on the Mount by Laura James
The First Supper by Jane Evershed
In His Image by William Zdinak
Christ in the Breadline by Fritz Eichenberg

Any favorites I missed here? Link to it in the comments below!

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