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Free ebook on whiteness, race, & faith this weekend only!

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Don’t miss out on a FREE copy of the newly released version of Pondering Privilege: Toward a Deeper Understanding of Whiteness, Race, and Faith on Amazon THIS WEEKEND ONLY! It includes updated content and additional chapters.

For many white people, race can be a difficult subject to navigate. Some have never discussed the issue at all and may have no idea where to begin. Others, viewing themselves as colorblind, see no need to think about the issue at all. The topic grows even more difficult within the Christian church where it is no secret that Sunday mornings are often more racially divided more than united. Regardless of white people’s ignorance or inability to discuss racial issues, however, they are not going away.

Rooted in the concept of cultural humility, Pondering Privilege provides white people an opportunity to spend time more deeply reflecting on their personal perspective of and communal role in race relations by exploring why white people don’t talk about race, why they need to talk about race, suggestions for productive ways to discuss race, and how to deal with anger in race relations. Each chapter includes discussion and reflection questions and is ideal for personal or group use.

What people are saying about Pondering Privilege:

“I read this piece as an assignment for an education class. I, like many other people, find that conversations pertaining to race and privilege are a bit scary. As I began reading the text I was immediately captured by Jody Fernando’s honesty and her willingness to embrace cultural humility. Reading this text was liberating for me and allowed me to ponder my own privilege, which was challenging because I was so accustomed to evaluating the privilege of others. I recommend this to everyone and challenge him or her to critically process what [she] has to say.” – Alejandra
“I originally read this material on Jody’s blog and was struck my her insight, honesty, and humility in approaching a topic which can be deeply emotional and divisive. I was thinking through ways to use it in my classroom to create discussion and help guide dialogue, so I am very excited that she’s combined it all into an easy to use resource. The reflection prompts and questions she’s added encourage the readers to dig a bit deeper and really engage with the topic on a personal level. I am looking forward to using it in my class this spring.” – Sara


FREE thru Sunday! 


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