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Raising kids in two cultures

Sandra Whitehead has an excellent article on about raising bi-cultural kids.  It’s the first in a series called Bicultural Families: Meeting the needs of raising children with two cultures.

Part 1: Meeting the Challenges of Raising Children With Two Cultures

Part 2: Helping Kids Embrace Both Cultures

Part 3: Stages of Cultural Identity

Part 4: How Bicultural Families Make It Work

Part 5: Resources for Bicultural Families


3 thoughts on “Raising kids in two cultures”

  1. Thank you for the above mentioned article. I can’t remember now how I ended up getting to your blog – but I somehow landed on your “when white people don’t know …” post (humbling!), and then realizing that you too are in an intercultural marriage got me clicking on the “Raising kids in two cultures” post. Anyway, thanks again! I have two girls – biracial, as I am married to a “mid western cornfield” boy – and will take all the help I can get in raising our girls with a healthy balance of both the East and the West that they are part of. Do you have recommendations for books that appeal to biracial children?


    1. Glad you liked it! How old are your girls? There’s a great early reader series that my daughter loved called Amy Hodgepodge. Here’s a small list of multicultural kids books I have on Amazon. Personally, I loved the “Everbody…” series.


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