I will always choose you by Michaela Evanow.

Once upon a time, I had a little girl. Her smile and curls and doe-brown eyes were a sight to behold. She was mine. My dream. And then, one summer day, Florence was given a terminal diagnosis for her weak muscles: Spinal Muscular Atrophy type one.

In which love looks like spinning our own yarn by Sarah Bessey.

Let’s tell them about the vast middle part of love, too, this part right now, the part that doesn’t show up in movies and love songs, the part where my hips have widened and your temples are greying, and some dreams are languishing, and we’ve become better acquainted with the fruit of faithfulness and gentleness.

In the face of hate – love out loud by Marilyn Gardner

And so we need to speak out. This is outrageous and offensive. This must stop. There is no “other side” to this debate.


Death, the prosperity gospel, and me by Kate Bowler

Blessed is a loaded term because it blurs the distinction between two very different categories: gift and reward. It can be a term of pure gratitude. “Thank you, God. I could not have secured this for myself.” But it can also imply that it was deserved. “Thank you, me. For being the kind of person who gets it right.” It is a perfect word for an American society that says it believes the American dream is based on hard work, not luck.

How going on vacation might be better than going on a mission by Jamie Wright

An attitude of service should be learned at home and applied in the world, not the other way around.

Further up, further in by Kay Bruner

I could do both, I thought:  trust the Love AND keep all the rules just to be on the safe side.

It turns out, though, going toward the Center means I can’t keep patrolling the walls. 


White guys in charge frustrated by their ability to silence all women by Fred Clark

There’s a pattern here with angry authoritarian men like Falwell getting puffed up with indignation because this woman is saying intolerable things. (By which they mean there is a woman saying things, without their permission, and that this is, to them, intolerable.)



11 Things white people need to realize about race by Emma Gray & Jessica Samakow

People of color don’t need to be taught that racism exists — they live it every day. It shouldn’t (and can’t) be on their shoulders to enlighten the rest of us. We have to do that for ourselves.

The Far-Right Revival: A Thirty Year War? by Evan Osnos

“Two hundred years after this country fought a civil war to ensure that black people were officially citizens, and a hundred years after a second battle ensured blacks enjoyed the rights of that citizenship, race will once again divide Americans. And this time white people will lose the prerogatives of majority status.”

 When you don’t look like your parents

In less than two minutes, this clip from Blackish explains why racism in America isn’t over by Sojourners


Someone added Donald to the wall of this restroom in Paris

Trump doesn’t pass the decency test by Max Lucado

“I don’t endorse candidates or place bumper stickers on my car. But I am protective of the Christian faith. If a public personality calls on Christ one day and calls someone a “bimbo” the next, is something not awry? And to do so, not once, but repeatedly, unrepentantly and unapologetically? We stand against bullying in schools. Shouldn’t we do the same in presidential politics?”

Stop provoking violence, Mr. Trump


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