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In between the mommy wars

Junia Project Branding

While writing has been a bit slow, it is happening occasionally.  Visit me today at a new site on gender and equality, The Junia Project, where I explore what in-the-office and at-home mamas might have in common.

“Being on neither side of the mommy wars, I find myself wishing that working and stay-at-home moms could engage in a dialog that would allow each of us space to grow into our new identities…”


3 thoughts on “In between the mommy wars”

  1. I’m deep in those transition years now – had my first child at 35 right in the middle of my career, just had my 2nd three weeks ago at 37, and am reading this at 1am breastfeeding. You’re so right about the total change in identity. Thanks for putting that into words. All the best, Lisa


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