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Check out these dolls!

I’ve posted before on the availability of multiracial dolls for girls, and was thrilled to find Hearts4Hearts Girls doll.  With a portion of their sales going to WorldVision, these dolls promote a socially conscious message by representing girls from developing regions (Ethiopia, Belarus, Laos, Applachia, and Mexico) around the world.  They’re also a reasonable price and come with a short story about the girl they represent.

I was so enthralled by them, my dear mother got me Nahji, the Indian doll, for Christmas!  It’s a beautiful doll, with special attention to cultural details like henna on her hand and a nosering.  My mom also got me her sari which is beautiful and simple to put on.  (We celebrate Christmas with my family this weekend, and when my mom saw my 35-year-old surprised look at receiving a doll for Christmas, she smiled and said, “There are some things a mother just needs to do.” I was glad she did!)


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