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Get a free intercultural children’s e-book

My eyes are always peeled for good intercultural children’s books.  After we returned from Sri Lanka one year, I wrote a book for my kids called “Your Other Home” about being bicultural to better help them understand where they come from.  I’d love to share it with others looking for such books, so for subscribing (see link on the right column) to Between Worlds, you can download it for free! (if you’re already a subscriber and would like access, contact me and I’ll make sure you get the info!) I promise I will not do distribute your email addresses or spam you or any other nasty internet scheme.


1 thought on “Get a free intercultural children’s e-book”

  1. I’d love to do something like this for my kids when they’re old enough. My husband is also from Sri Lanka, and we hope to take our children one day. Beautiful photos, too!


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