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Interview at Offbeat Marriage

Offbeat marriage interviewed me recently about our marriage.  Here’s an excerpt:

What compromises are required in order to make your marriage work?

I knew immediately that my husband would never be happy unless I knew how to cook his food. While this seems like a small thing to someone who’s family eats mostly for nourishment (well, and sweets too!), food to Rukshan = love. This means that I study South Asian cookbooks, drive long distances to Indian grocery stories, and plead for spices to be sent with relatives traveling back and forth. It also means that I don’t really know how to cook typical American dishes and feel a little intimidated if I have to cook for Americans because I don’t really know what tastes good to them. After eating so much tasty South Asian food for 10 years, American food has lost a lot of its appeal (though a juicy hamburger is still hard to beat!!)

You can read the whole interview here.


3 thoughts on “Interview at Offbeat Marriage”

  1. I’m married to a Sri Lankan and relate to pretty much everything in this post. For us, I think we’ve developed a subculture for our own family. Both of our families are a 13-hr drive away (Indiana and Canada), and we live close to Washington DC, which is very diverse. Though I miss my family terribly, I think it’s probably easier for our family to compromise between our two cultures rather than being immersed in one–either mine or his.


    1. What a small world! We used to live in the DC area and felt very much the same way about the diversity there. We’d love to move back to the area if we ever had the chance! Where did you grow up in Indiana?


      1. Brazil, Indiana, which is close to Terre Haute. I was living in Indianapolis when I met my husband online and moved to southern Maryland. I’d love to move back to Indianapolis at some point, but I doubt we will anytime soon. I subscribed to your blog last week!


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