Learning to laugh

Walking out of my office to give a final exam, I thought, “Sometimes it just sucks to by human.”  When I reached the classroom, my students were bemoaning their lives and the stress levels within.  I grinned and set the plate of homemade, decorated cookies I’d brought them on a desk.

“It’s Christmas!” one remarked, as the hope of sugar eased some of the anxiety.  I told them my recent thought and we all shared a knowing smile.  I wonder if Jesus had the same idea just  before he came to Earth.

In the midst of major craziness waiting for the peace and calm of Christmas, I was grateful for this moment to be honest and chuckle at all in life beyond our control.

In case you need a few reasons to chuckle this season, this website often helps me…  Dry, sarcastic sometimes, but oh, so true!


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