Intriguing perspectives on women’s ministry

I have a hard time with many approaches to women’s ministries I’ve come across over the years.  It seems that they are often rooted in tea parties, knitting, and garden clubs.  Those things are fine and all, just not particularly my ‘cup of tea’ (no pun intended).  Here are a few perspectives on ways women can minister mercy to each other that I resonate deeply with:

Colour Sisterhood is in intriguing women’s ministry of Hillsong Church.  “The Sisterhood seeks to champion the cause of the orphan child and widow, to come alongside women (near and far) who are facing challenge, and it ultimately seeks to influence nations with the goodness and answers that are to be found in God.”

Discovering God’s Heart for Suffering Women:  A 40-day prayer pilgrimage. Prayer guide from Linwood House Ministries.

30 Days of prayer for the Voiceless:  Addressing global issues of gender-based injustice.  Prayer guide from YWAM.

Living a Purpose-full Life by Jan Johnson.  (Hate the title/cover, LOVE the book & the author)

Growing compassionate kids:  Helping kids see beyond their backyard by Jan Johnson.

I’d love to hear about more resources and organizations like these – please share what you know from around the world!


1 thought on “Intriguing perspectives on women’s ministry”

  1. Wow, thanks for putting the prayer guide up here, Jody! And you know what? I get to go to the Colour Conference in Australia next year! I am so excited … Bobbie Houston really is doing amazing things, leading a beautiful charge. A sisterhood, indeed.


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