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Book Review: Finding the Flow: A guide for leading small groups and gatherings

flow_cover2So this book really doesn’t have much to do with cross-cultural relationships, but I’ve found it quite helpful on general relationships, particularly those often times awkward ones forged in small groups.  I’m not a huge fan of them, although I do love the general concept of intentionally getting to know people through regular conversation about meaningful topics.  The problem I’ve found is that this rarely happens, at least in the small groups in which I’ve participated.

Finding the Flow addresses this reality and offers some very practical guidance on how to forge meaningful relationships through small groups.  I especially appreciate how the authors encourage a strong knowledge of one’s self in relation to the group, as well as understanding of group dynamics and conflict.  Each chapter has discussion questions and “Do This” exercises sprinkled throughout which are thoughtful, not cheesey.  There are also tons of resources at the end of the book to utilize in small group situations.

While I detest Christian how-to books, I do appreciate clear, concise analysis on concrete yet realistic ways to tackle tough issues.  This book certainly does that with wisdom, clarity, and honesty.  Check out the book’s website for more information and resources.


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