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35 conversation-starting videos about race, stereotypes, privilege and diversity

YouTube has taught us all that sometimes nothing is as powerful as a video clip that delivers a powerful, memorable message in less than 5 minutes. I’ve found videos endlessly useful as a means of starting productive and thoughtful conversations about issues of issues surrounding diversity, whether in the classroom, on Facebook, or in personal conversations with family and friends. The videos below are the best I’ve found (with a little help from my friends – thanks to those who gave me ideas for this!).

On race & stereotyping

What kind of Asian are you?


Scene from Crash


Racist harrasses Muslim cashier


Guy brings his white girlfriend to barbershop in Harlem


How to tell someone they sound racist


Moving the race conversation forward


The Lunch Date


A look at race relations through a child’s eyes


African men. Hollywood stereotypes


The women of Nyamonge present: Netball


UCLA Girl’s Offensive Asian Rant

(be sure to watch the response below)


Asians in the library of the world: a persona poem in the voice of Alexandra Wallace


A trip to the grocery store


(1)ne Drop

Make sure to watch their other videos about race here.


5 Things White People Should Do to Improve Race Relations


Harvard professor Henry Gates Jr. on his arrest


Lin’s success crosses racial boundaries


On privilege

Africa for Norway


Cadillac Commercial (Make sure to watch Ford’s response to this commercial below)


Ford’s response to the Cadillac Commerical


On white privilege


Make Poverty History


Giving is the best communication


 On diversity

America, the beautiful


It’s beautiful, behind the scenes


Ethnicity matters: The case for ethnic specific ministries


Move – Around the World in 1 Minute


 Where the hell is Matt? 2012


The world’s most typical face (National Geographic)


Reconsider Columbus Day


 On Immigration

A new dream: Evangelical undocumented immigrants tell their side of the story


Accents and fair housing

 See more videos on immigration here.


Longer Documentaries

A class divided with Jane Elliott

 Watch the whole documentary here.


Who is black in America?


America’s Promise: Black boys in America

This is a trailer. Read more about the series here and watch a few more clips here.

Did I miss your favorite clip? Leave it in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “35 conversation-starting videos about race, stereotypes, privilege and diversity”

  1. The video below is sort of my recent go-to for early conversations about race, at least in my own head. It’s a humorous way to consider how multi-systemic generational inequality has shaped social architecture. Fifty black presidents still wouldn’t get us back to equality after all that. Diversity is a side effect of justice, not the end goal, you can still have colonized or fetishized bodies in the same diverse room.

    I did want to say: Isolated scenes from Crash can be conversation starters I suppose, but I can’t co-sign the film, as Haggis is hell-bent on upholding the white savior complex within a racist character and fetishizing the black women involved around the racist-cop-turned-idealized-savior character narrative. It felt like that film was telling me “hey people of color, white people know we are racist. You are all just as racist too, so you should shut up and listen to us a little more often.” Meanwhile people often expect PoC to love it as some kind of reparation for all Hollywood misrepresentation, while it only adds to, or actually amplifies, the negative noise. bell hooks has a brilliant essay on the film in her collection Writing Beyond Race.


  2. Wow. I appreciate your post as usual. Here are a couple that I will share about the myths of interracial relationships. I like that they move beyond the white-black dynamic..

    “Not Just Fetishists and Race Traitors”

    “Myths and Realities…”


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